PALPUS - DEVLOG #3 New Version released!!

Hey there, I'm happy to announce the new version PALPUS Alpha #2 !!

This new version features all gameplay changes I mentioned in Devlog #2 and a bunch of new features and more level content!

I added an Energy-Cube-Counter® to keep track of how many cubes you are collecting, which is really handy and also satisfying to watch since, who doesn't want to watch their money increase in realtime?

I finished the keyboard control scheme, and added the required interface, so if you hate to play with a gamepad: Now you don't have to!

(It's still recommended though)

You can now play the whole first level (might become larger in the final version), fight the first boss, buy your upgrades and get you hands on some more new level content.

The next big targets: more Level content and new Bosses

Hope you have fun with the new version ;)

Until next time! <3

Meister Palpus


PALPUS Alpha [NEW] 19 MB
Mar 03, 2018


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