PALPUS - Happy New Year!!

Hi there colonists!

First of all: Happy new year!! It was a rough year and hard to make progress but here we are. Update time! (Demo Update will follow soon)

New Features:

- Colonists (friendly AI) added to some spots in the campaign

- Added scanline effect

- Screenshake can be reduced or turned off completely!

- Added Hard Mode for an extra challenge

- Added enemy indicators

- Added a new Boss Theme

- Slight camera adjustments

Who doesn't like scanlines? They're retro and remind us of the good old days when sitting in front of a small flickering TV was the shit!

Since the screenshake can be a little sickening at times I realized there needed to be an option to turn it off. If you still like some "boom" you can choose the "light" version of it.

Hard mode is designed for the players that played through all the levels several times or are masochistic or both. It doubles almost all kinds of damage and there will be a lot of crying.

A new boss theme made it's way to the PALPUS Soundtrack. Check it out!

Enemies now can be located thorugh indicators that appear for a split second when approaching. This should make it easier to pick your targets.

Changed the camera for a bit. Again!

See you all soon!

MeisterPalpus <3


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