PALPUS - "Shiny Update" Released!! (Version Alpha3)

Hello there guys!!

I'm happy to announce that the "Shiny Update" (Version Alpha 3) got released!

This Update is kind of a big one, since it pushes PALPUS's visuals quite a bit. Also Endless Mode is getting introduced!

There was supposed to be an Arena Mode but I never felt like it fitted into the game very well. Endless Mode is the solution I came up with!

This NEW MODE is going to be more than your common Arena Wave Survival. Instead of just killing guys, you will kill guys fast!! If you fill up the Kill-Meter fast enough a portal will open and port you to a new area, and so on. If you do good, you will get a Weapon Upgrade and Healing for every portal you open. More infos about this coming soon! Meanwhile check all the goodies listed below!


- Overhauled UI looks

- Lighting and Glare effects for Bullets, Explosions, Pickups, Dashing, Environmental Objects etc.

- Dashing will be a one-button-action (easier to use)

- Arena Mode is now called Endless Mode!!

- Basic Endless Mode available

- Warning sound and Bleeding when hurt

- Better Pause Menu

- Better Main Menu Buttons

- Smoother Player movement

- Bigger Hitbox for standard shots

- Lots of tiny little details. Can you spot them?


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