Getting closer! (Pricing Update)

Hi there guys!

Today I want to talk about something very important in the development of PALPUS: the pricing! (yaay..)

I know it's an ugly thing to talk about but I'm sure that I have established a system that's going to please mostly everyone interested in the game!

So here's the plan:

-- Increasing price with every new content update! --

PALPUS is almost complete in hindsight of features but where is the content? The levels? The story? MOAARR!!

It's coming, but it may take some time to create all the levels since I'm not using any scripts or additional editors to create them.

**Everything is completely handcrafted and carefully put into place. I'm one guy doing design, art, sound and everything else on my own.**

(cry me a river?)

I might have to make some changes here and there to make sure that everything fits and works like intended! ( It will ) I'm trying to be as transparent about the development as possible and not spoiling anything, so that's basically what I can tell you right now.

We will start with a price of $2. When PALPUS is finished you will be able to get it for around $5-7

Stay tuned for more information soon!

Until next time!

Meister Palpus <3


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